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 Hi, I am Stas 

In my vision, combining classical style and fashion in the modern wedding world is essential.

Fashion has always played a significant role in my life, so I’ll ensure your wedding pictures look like the magazine covers.

As seen in Vogue, Harper’s BAZAAR, L’Officiel, and Forbes.


Together with my wife Victoria and her wedding video production team we are shooting joint projects.


Feel free to leave your feedback!





Makes me cry every time!

So happy to have had you guys with us that weekend creating the magic only you can do.

Thank you so much!

With love Ava & Dennis

2022-11-19 05.48.34.jpg




Thank you very much for being with us for 2 days. I was very worried about the photographer and that I would feel tensed. But it was so comfortable and pleasant to work with you that I immediately relaxed and enjoyed a lot. For me it is more valuable than the result. Which I'm sure will be just magical.


I admire and get inspired by people who are very professional in their work and love what they do. It's very inspiring.




We have spent 2 hours by looking at the photos and plunged into the atmosphere to remember this beautiful day captured by Stas.”

“- I really enjoyed the photos and especially the part of the party! The emotions on those pictures are so genuine!

In the same time there are a lot of stylish pictures of us. We look like models on this fashion shots.”

”- We are very grateful for your work, Stas! We are super happy that we chose you. You made exactly those kind of photos we wanted to safe as a memory through the years.

Your work is very professional and we admire it!”

2022-11-19 05.48.57.jpg




Just delight!

We are in love with these photos!


It is interesting that we were mostly afraid of the wedding photoshoot, but everything went so smoothly that I didn’t want it to end! The whole day after the event me and my husband were discussing how comfortable and easy-going it was, and we are already thinking about the next opportunity to have a photoshoot with Stas.

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In our time, finding your soul mate is as difficult as to find the photographer, who can capture the details of one of the most important days in your life. We didn’t doubt for a second we chose Stas. With the first shot he made, our shyness and inability to pose disappeared, everything was so harmonic.

We smiled not at the camera, but at an old friend. We are infinitely grateful, strongly recommended!


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